HangSmart TV FAQ's

Does it work on plaster walls?

Yes! Absolutely. We receive this question often. In fact, due to the number of coats and lathing, a plaster wall tends to be thicker than a drywall wall, which can create a greater air barrier. This thickness also creates a good sound barrier between rooms. If the lathing and framing are done well, plaster can provide a much more rigid wall leading to reduced likelihood of buckling or breaking. In conclusion, plaster dries much harder than drywall, and is more labor-intensive and expensive.

So, you have nothing to worry about!

See the reference article here: https://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/home-diy/projects/drywall-vs-plaster.htm

Do I need dry wall mounts or anchors?

NO! That’s the beauty of HangSmart TV. Our patented design allows you to safely and easily hang your tv into any drywall without the need for anchors.

Why do other mounts need drywall anchors but HangSmart doesn’t?

Other (more traditional) mounts require you to insert your screws at a 180 degree position, or to put it simply, straight in. Without any support (anchors) at this angle, it won’t be able to sustain or hold the weight.

HangSmarts’ patented design requires you to insert nails at a 45 degree angle, when installing into drywall. This method is called Toenailing- driving a nail at an angle in order to anchor it, and support the weight of the object.

Does it work on cement or brick walls?

Absolutely! Our HangSmart wall mount has 3 open holes for you to insert screws directly into them.

What if I’ve never hung a TV before?

That’s the BEAUTY of HangSmart TV! You don’t need to be an expert or even good with tools. Just follow the 3 step directions and watch the magic come to life!

How many pounds can it hold?

HangSmart can safely hold up to 150 lbs. We do not recommend you attempt to mount a TV that weighs more than 150 lbs.

What’s the biggest TV that can be safely held with HangSmart?

HangSmart allows you to hang a TV up to 100”. We do not recommend you attempt to mount a TV that weighs more than 150 lbs.

Does it work with every type of TV?

HangSmart works with all types of TV’s that are within the VESA standards. The Flat Display Mounting Interface, also known as VESA Mounting Interface Standard or colloquially as VESA mount, is a family of standards defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors, televisions, and other displays to stands or wall mounts.

Does it take 2 people or can I do this alone?

You can certainly install the HangSmart TV by yourself. Although, we do recommend you get assistance if your TV is heavy or you cannot lift your TV to place on the wall.

What if i need to move my TV?

You can easily pull off the nails, remove the wall mount, and re-install it in a new area. You can also easily re-position your tv if you don't like your placement. Remember, there is no damage to the wall! So, you don't need to worry about re-installing the HangSmart TV multiple times if needed, until you get it just right.

How much space is behind the TV?

The space behind your TV depends on the curvature of the TV. For TV's that have a completely flat back, you will have a bit more space than those that have a slightly curved or indented back. With HangSmart, you will have MUCH more flexibility to manage cables as opposed to traditional mounts. Most flush traditional mounts require you to physically take your TV off the mount in order to place or manage any cables. With HangSmart TV, you can pull the TV slightly out from the bottom giving you room to add and manage any cables you'd like!

What if I need more space behind my TV?

We provide spacers in the box for added space (if needed), giving you even more room between the wall and the TV. The box comes with universal TV screws. You would use the longer screws that match your TV and place the spacers in between your TV mounting holes and your included TV hooks.