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Easy Peasy TV in 20 minutes!

This was so easy to hang. I have over a two dozen tvs hanging in my homes and offices. I figured I would try this out. The cost is similar to an Amazon mount but you will save in time and labor. The quality of the packaging and tools are very poor. I expect to see this improve as they grow.

It took 10 minutes to prep and measure and 10 minutes to hang the tv properly. Now you won’t be able to move or tilt so that’s important.

This is great for airBnb properties that already have power up by the area where the tv is going. Will take no longer than 20 min tops. Ordering two more sets now.

Thank you so much for this awesome review! And we LOVE the videos and photos. With regard to the boxes, we’ve since updated them, and have improved the color guide making it even easier to just set onto the wall with a few thumbtacks. We are always continuing to make the packaging stronger and more improved with every order we place. But we couldn’t be more thrilled that you love it!

Unboxing my HangSmart!

So, I posted these video to show the unboxing of the Hangsmart I receive. It's pretty clever. Every thing is included in the box. They also provide parts for you need to mount it to brick, concrete, or cement. I used it for my drywall.

The packaging is very nice and they explain you how to use very easily. I watched the video on their website. It comes with this color ruler, so you just match colors to install.

I will buy again in the future. Thanks Hangsmart for a great product.

I finally have my TV up!

I absolutely love this product. I bought the bundle (and it came with a really cute jewelry set free gift). I have never had my TV up on the wall. Don't laugh, but it's true. It's the first time I ever attempted to mount a TV onto my wall. I just couldn't believe I stumbled on this product. By far the best purchase I made in a long time! After reading some of their reviews, and trying it myself, I can understand why people love it so much! I felt compelled to send HangSmart a video after installing this wall mount. AH! So proud of myself!

I bought

I bought a cheaper tv mount at a DIY store for half the price and 1/4 of the install time that was a single piece versus two separate pieces I had to align. I love small business, but ease of use, speed, etc. all matter as well.

Outstanding product that couldn’t be easier to install!

I first saw the hangsmart’s product on Instagram and was amazed at how easy the made it look to install. I was skeptical so I read numerous reviews before deciding to make the purchase. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the mount to hang out tv over the fireplace. My wife could believe how easy it was and that no drilling was required. But we couldn’t be happier with the mount and the fact we saved 75% of what we would usually spend to have our tvs hung. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to hang a tv.

That is incredible! Thank you for “biting the bullet” and trusting in us to purchase the product. Thank you and we’re so thrilled you love it! TV looks great up there!


This is by far the easiest product I could have used to hand my 50 in TV. My coworker is the one who told me about hangsmart and so glad he did. I will definitely use for any future needs. So impressed with the quality of the product and the thoroughness of this product to make sure you have everything you need. Thank you

Thank you so much for your awesome review. We’re so glad you made the decision to get a hangsmart and even more thrilled you had a great experience. That’s what we’re all about!

Pleasantly surprised

I was extremely apprehensive about purchasing this product. I knew I needed to hang our TV but didn’t want to cause a lot of damage to our walls or go through the hassle of installing a bulky TV mount. I read the reviews and saw their videos on social media so I bought 2. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. I used the color coded strip and the level and was done. I was expecting my TV to fall but it didn’t. After a few weeks it’s on the wall steady and secure. I am so happy with the product and will recommend. I have drywall walls and this thing works. Extremely satisfied. My tv is 55”

Jay, we are so thrilled you had a great experience. That TV looks great, and you did an awesome job! Enjoy your new HangSmart! And be on the lookout for some of our newest and really exciting products coming very soon.

HangSmartTV® NO STUD DIY Mount
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The best product

I love it it was the best product ever invented I leave in an apartment and it’s old and I could not hang not even a mirror bcuz it would rip the wall that’s has bad it was and then you can along like a prince charming a created a product that I can have a tv on my wall!!!!

Easiest way to mount TV on dry wall

This is by far the easiest and least time consuming way to mount TV on dry wall. I mounted 2 TVs using hang smart and the process was so easy. The box comes with all the instructions and the instructions are easy to follow. The hardware itself looks and feels sturdy. Last time when I mount TV on the wall, I had to call a friend and then we had to drill holes in the wall and it was too messy. With hang smart I hanged my 2 TVs on the wall myself and each job took around 10-15 minutes. I recommend this product to all my friends and family.

Hang smart

One of the easiest TV mounts I’ve ever put up in my life

Awesome!!! So Easy to put up!

Okay, so I tell my husband and dad about this TV hanger I bought, they turn and look at each other, you know the look (eyes rolling). When it arrives, my husband wasn't home and I really didn't want to hear him keep telling me that it wasn't going to work. So, I put it up myself in about 15 minutes and it was so easy!! I hung the TV and I could still hear him (in my head) saying "it's going to fall" lol but I had no problems at all and it looks GREAT! If you're on the fence about it, don't be. It works exactly like it is supposed to. I NEVER write reviews but this was worth the time. By the way, husband was pretty freaking impressed too!

Deb! That’s so awesome to hear! Yes the men will always give the “eye roll” until they see for themselves that it works great! We’re thrilled they came around and that they we’re also amazed. We’re even more thrilled that YOU put it up all on your own. We also remember that your order was the one that was returned to us on account that USPS misplaced it and we rush shipped it back to you with UPS. So we’re glad to see you got it! The TV looks great and you did a fantastic job. It will hold just fine. You’re going to love it when you want to plug cables in the back and see how easy the cable management is. Thank you for your review!

Coolest new product on the market!

I totally just hung my TV in my office in under 10 minutes, by myself with zero issues! So easy and the communication from this company is fabulous! Run, don't walk... you need this in your life!


I love this!! Will be putting up all of my TV’s with this product!!!

Easy to install

Easy to install. Unfortunately you rotate. Still a great product.

5 stars

It was fast and easy to install

Best TV Mount!

I was a little hesitant before purchasing that these mounts would hold my 80inch and a smaller tv (wasn’t as worried about that one). Set and and install were not only easy but fast. I love how flat the tv sits on the wall and the clean look and no giant holes in my wall!! Thank you!!! I will be purchasing more in the future!

Love it!! Great job! And thank you for coming back and leaving us a review. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you had an awesome experience. Just wait until the easy install DIY soundbar mount and speaker shelves come out (and our wire concealer kit). Game changer.

Exactly as easy as they make it look

Bought two mounting sets, each one took me about 15 minutes to get on the wall. No issues at all once they were up on the wall. Totall piece of cake, I will not be buying ‘regular’ mounting brackets ever again. I’d recommend this to anyone, and I was able to do everything by myself. Only caveat was that one of my TVs is high up on the wall, so I needed a step ladder to lower the TV onto the hooks. Other than that circumstance, you get everything you need in the box. Buy it.

Thank you!! We’re really happy you had an amazing experience. Most of all, thank you for coming back and leaving your review.

Great product

8 small holes, no studs required. DIY to the max! I spoke with customer service prior to purchasing. Turns out it was with one of the co-owners. Great conversation about the Hang Smart and about life events. Wonderful product and I cannot wait to purchase new products of theirs.

Simple and Secure

A great way to hang your TV....only took a few minutes to hang our 65" TV in our log cabin.

Hang Smart

Product is great, I would definitely buy this again. Worked perfect for hanging my 60” tv.

Too easy

Didn’t believe the hype but had two TV’s up in less than 10 minutes. Perfect situation after moving into a new place and needing the TV to keep the kids occupied while I was unpacking. Will definitely buy a few more for the other TV’s.

Awesome! Thank you so much for coming back and leaving your wonderful review! Were so thrilled you had a great experience!

Great Product !!!! annd Easy to Install.

The Hang Smart is awesome, and it is easy to install, I have used and installed the big and bulky TV mounting brackets and this product HANG SMART by far the best product on the market in term of installation, quality, and price. I highly recommend this product.

Wrong size nail

I received your product and I was very excited. I installed the 1st mount successfully. However, when I was installing the 2nd mount, I was having an issue with one of the nails that came with the product. I was hammering the nail pretty hard but by doing so, the alignment went off multiple times. Finally, when I compared that one nail with the rest, it was actually thicker. When I attempted to remove the nail that was half driven into the dry wall, it ripped / damaged the dry wall. Overall the product is good but I wish I was given the correct size nail. Pretty disappointed regarding the wrong size nail and my damaged dry wall.

Oh were sorry to hear you had an issue with the nail! You can ALWAYS give us a call and we'll be happy to replace any parts that may rarely end up in the box that are off. It happens very rarely, but when it does, we are very quick to rectify the situation and are happy to provide you with brand new parts. Other than that, were happy that you found it to be a good experience overall with the first one, and thank you for being a customer of ours!

Best invention ever!!!

I have purchased about 6 units of hang smart and its a genius invention I hung up a 75 inch and a 65 inch tv with help from my son on drywall and not any drywall but the lowest end bottom of the barrel kind I am talking about nycha in nyc drywall the kind of drywall that feels more like rice paper and it held and is still holding including when your upstairs neighbors throw a party and it feels like a stampede of running and jumping elephants are above you but let me tell you hang smart held both 65 and 75 inch just great there is minimal and I mean very little damage damage on the drywall just 4 small hole on the wall. Best invention ever great humble trust worthy company ❤️

Thank you so much Elizabeth! We couldn’t appreciate you more! We are thrilled you love the product and are so happy that you placed your trust in us! We look forward to continually working hard to ensure newer and more improved products are brought to our customers everyday. Truly humbled by your review. Thank you.

Easy Peasy!

I hung my 75” tv in about 5 minutes! It’s actually true. This is one of the few “gadgets” I’ve purchased that has worked. We are very pleased. Don’t hesitate to buy this product.

Thank you so much for your feedback!! We love that you had a great experience. That’s what drives us to continue to innovate and create great products for everyone.